Tuesday, 6 May 2014

A case of one law for the rich? That certainly seems to be the case for casino owners in Queensland

Well, a bit of biff in a main street is alright then. The police are steering clear of the matter, the Sydney Morning Heraldtells us, at least for now. “A police spokeswoman said on Monday that no one had come forward to report the matter so it was not currently the subject of a police investigation.”
This, apparently, is not a report:
As for the NSW casino licensing authorities they had no comment yesterday on whether anything that happened in the Bondi punch-up was relevant to this section of their Act:
Casino Control Act 1992 No 15
12 Suitability of applicant and close associates of applicant
(1) The Authority must not grant an application for a casino licence unless satisfied that the applicant, and each close associate of the applicant, is a suitable person to be concerned in or associated with the management and operation of a casino.
(2) For that purpose the Authority is to consider whether:
(a) each of those persons is of good repute, having regard to character, honesty and integrity, and
(b) each of those persons is of sound and stable financial background, and
(c) in the case of an applicant that is not a natural person, it has or has arranged a satisfactory ownership, trust or corporate structure, and
(d) the applicant has or is able to obtain financial resources that are both suitable and adequate for ensuring the financial viability of the proposed casino, and
(e) the applicant has or is able to obtain the services of persons who have sufficient experience in the management and operation of a casino, and
(f) the applicant has sufficient business ability to establish and maintain a successful casino, and
(g) any of those persons has any business association with any person, body or association who, in the opinion of the Authority, is not of good repute having regard to character, honesty and integrity or has undesirable or unsatisfactory financial sources, and
(h) each director, partner, trustee, executive officer and secretary and any other officer or person determined by the Authority to be associated or connected with the ownership, administration or management of the operations or business of the applicant or a close associate of the applicant is a suitable person to act in that capacity.
Down in Victoria it will apparently take criminal charges for the casino regulators to become interested and up in Queensland it appears they could not care less about a little bit of assaulting.
From the SMH again:
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