Wednesday, 2 April 2014

The Climate Apocalypse Daily under attack

On a slow news day life can be tough for even “Australia’s leading business commentator.” All that space to fill and nothing to write about. So why not have a shot at the lesser business commentators on the rival daily?
And so it came to pass this morning that the Herald Sun’s Terry McCrann turned his attention to the Melbourne Age. A couple of extracts:
2014-04-02_agelackofenthusiasmWithering stuff.
And all based on a finding in a survey conducted for the Institute of Public Affairs that Australians are reluctant to see their taxes increased when the cause is taking action to curb greenhouse gas emissions. That to me was hardly a surprising finding. Ask the same people if they like paying taxes so mining companies could get tax reductions from accelerated depreciation allowances and the answer would be the same or even more so.
But still, covering the poll was legitimate enough I suppose. Just a pity that there was not enough substance in it to fill up the daily quota of words without the irrelevant excursion into The Age.
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