Monday, 4 November 2013

News and views for 4 November 2013

No morsel too miniscule. From a lengthy New York Times article on Sunday analysing the recent disclosures about the operations of the US National Security Agency:
News and views noted along the way.
  • As climate change intensifies, the world faces an unpalatable choice: eat or drink
  • Labor’s penance  — “And so the sins of the forefathers shall be visited upon the sons, or so it must feel like to Bill Shorten as he wrestles with the demons of Kevin Rudd’s ‘greatest moral challenge’ and Julia Gillard’s shameful broken promise. A more apt phrase, however, would probably be ‘damned if you do, Bill, and damned if you don’t.’”
  • U.S. women are dying younger than their mothers, and no one knows why  — “While advancements in medicine and technology have prolonged life expectancy and decreased premature deaths overall, women in parts of the country have been left behind.”
  • Broccoli’s extreme makeover  — “The ad agency Victors & Spoils has created campaigns for some of the biggest brands in the food industry — Coca-Cola, Quiznos and General Mills among them. Until now, what they’d never done was try to figure out how to sell broccoli.”
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