Thursday, 6 March 2014

Seven network hoping for Schapelle Corby to be returned to prison?

Having run the interview with Schapelle Corby’s sister Mercedes that has Indonesian officialdom considering whether Schapelle should be returned to prison, the Seven television network looks to be revelling in just that prospect.
6-03-2014 mercedesapologyIt reported tonight:
Mercedes Corby has apologised for her interview with Seven’s Sunday Night program as fears grow that her sister’s parole is at risk.
However, that apology may not be enough as the Indonesian Government is being pressured to send Schapelle Corby back to jail.
It was a unique approach: apologising for a television interview, by facing the cameras once again.
What a smugly clever comment that was! But wait. There was more. And not even a hint of sorrow at its own role in creating the predicament.
But Mercedes Corby is well aware her sister Schapelle’s new-found freedom is at stake.
Mercedes said: “From the bottom of my heart, I am very sorry to the people of Indonesia if my interview on Australian TV caused unease.”
It was a story on Seven’s Sunday Night program that has angered Indonesian officials.
They are investigating whether it breached Schapelle Corby’s strict parole conditions. The family had been warned not to talk.
The interview is making news in Indonesia too and there is increasing pressure on the Justice Minister to put Schapelle Corby back behind bars.
He has ordered a report into the incident and says he is letting the parole board get on with its task of finishing its investigation before making a decision.
The Justice Minister is not just under pressure from local media and the public, but also from his own party.
If he does not send Schapelle Corby back to jail he could be seen as weak, and face a massive backlash
With general elections due to be held in April, his political career is hanging on this decision.
The better news for Schapelle Corby came tonight, via the Antara newsagency, from the Bali Justice and Human Rights Office which welcomed the apology expressed by Mercedes Corby.
“I think its a good step and behavior,” Sunar Agus, the head of the offices penitentiary division, said here on Thursday.
However, despite the apology, the office will continue to evaluate Schapelle following her release on parole, he added.
Sunar Agus said the apology did impact what had happened so far after Mercedes exclusive interview with Australias Channel Seven television station.
The local justice office is drafting a report on Schapelles behavior and activities since her release on parole, he noted.
The report will be sent to the Justice and Human Rights Ministry in Jakarta, he said.
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