Thursday, 6 March 2014

Recovering from a mass casualty event and other news and views for Wednesday 5 March

  • Multidisciplinary teams helped marathon bombing survivors rebuild their lives - It Takes a Team explains how multidisciplinary health care teams prepared for a mass-casualty event, responded to it, and helped survivors rebuild their lives afterward. The lessons and best practices that emerged are universally applicable for any clinician or professional in the emergency-preparedness/response, surgical, and rehabilitation fields.
  • Voting to tell others – “The question of why people vote has intrigued social scientists for decades. This column discusses a model of voting due to social image motivations and presents empirical tests based on it. In this model, an individual would be motivated to vote because of an anticipation of being asked after the election. The results of a conducted field experiment suggest that the anticipation of being asked provides a large motivation to vote. In fact, the motivation is as large as being paid $5-15 to vote. Applying this methodology to other elections would provide more rigorous evidence about the validity of the proposed model.”
  • EU vs. Moscow: Russia Tries to Woo Back Moldova - “As Moldova prepares to sign an Association Agreement with the European Union, Russia is stepping up attempts to keep the country in its fold. It has found some willing helpers in the country/”
  • Norway’s oil fund caught between the devil and deep blue sea - “An expert group will be set up to see whether Norway’s oil fund – the world’s largest sovereign wealth fund with assets of $840bn – should stop investing in any companies related to fossil fuels – not just coal, but oil and gas, too.”
  • New magnetic material could boost electronics - “A highly sensitive magnetic material that could transform computer hard drives and energy storage devices has been discovered.”
  • High Court Extends Whistleblower Protections – “The U.S. Supreme Court has ruled that a federal whistleblower law, enacted after the collapse of Enron Corporation, protects not just the employees of a public company, but also company contractors like lawyers, accountants, and investment funds.”
  • Poem of the Week: “The Great Wrasse” - “Mask wet and snorkel dry, I’m lying loose / On the glass roof of time” – Clive James reflects on a long friendship with fellow poet Les Murray, and on the duty of poets to rise above
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