Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Australia’s most boring viewing and reading – Media Watch versus The Australian

It’s hard to know what’s more boring – other people talking about Andrew Bolt or the ABC’s Media Watch and The Australian taking verbal pot shots at each other. Last night Paul Barry gave us both.
  • Will the ABC apologise to Bolt?
    After comments on last Monday’s Q&A, Marcia Langton says Andrew Bolt is not a racist. But will the ABC apologise anyway?
  • Sorry, John – an update
    Last week Media Watch looked at some selective editing of a letter to the editor by The Australian. This week we bring an update.
Wouldn’t it be nice if just occasionally, just every now and then, the national broadcaster could broaden its horizons to analyse something serious. And no. I don’t mean having another dig at that other Media Watch standby the shallowness of current affairs television.
2014-03-18_tebloidtvOn balance I think I’d rather watch shallow than boring.

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