Sunday, 2 March 2014

Another variation on the dole bludger theme

2014-03-02_notravelnodole2014-03-02_jobsnobsEvery time I see a tabloid beat-up like that I cannot help turning to the website of the Australian Bureau of Statistics where this morning I found this:
  • The number of unemployed persons increased by 16,600 to 728,600 in January 2014 (seasonally adjusted), while in trend terms the number of unemployed persons in January 2014 rose by 5,200 to 717,700.
  • Total job vacancies in November 2013 were 140,000, a decrease of 0.3% from August 2013. (The vacancy figures are only published quarterly with November being the last available.)
2014-03-02_jobvacanciesI for one would be a lot angrier about dole bludgers if there actually were jobs they were all  bludging away from.
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