Wednesday, 19 February 2014

The journalists writing and talking about journalists space is getting very crowded

Crikey is in on the act today with its version (free) of the newspaper editors at war that follows my own earlier effort on the same subject - Editors editorialising about editorsThen for those that pay there’s Bernard Keane showing how he can be wiser after the event than other journalists were before it when it comes to that federal proceeds of crime legislation that had the thumpers at the 7 Network yesterday.
Crikey touches as well on the competition that the ABC’s Tony Barry will have as a media watcher too -competition that The Australian trumpets on its website as well:
NEWS Corp Australia columnist Andrew Bolt is being given more airtime with his Network Ten show to double in length to one hour when it returns on March 2. The new-look The Bolt Report will include a new segment, called News Watch, which promises “to put the media under genuine scrutiny”… Bolt said: “I will continue to talk to Australians about the things that matter to them, cutting through the spin without fear or favour. This new format lets me cut through the spin of so much of the media, too.”
As the new and extended Bolt program is to go for an hour perhaps there will be time for Julian Clarke to make regular appearances. Bolt’s boss showed a good grasp of tabloid type language when he emerged to give Tony Barry a spray in the Herald Sun and its interstate counterparts.
Somewhat strangely the serve at the ABC did not seem to be in The Oz although I might just have missed it. Maybe the truce is continuing.
Things are getting stranger and stranger.
No doubt there will soon be room for a blog where a reviewer passes comments on journalists watching journalists writing about journalists
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