Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Schapelle Corby unveiled at Woman’s Day – now you see her, now you don’t

The Age is running hard on these journalists commenting on journalist stories. Following this afternoon’s special effort on the media scrum in Bali comes this commentary on a Woman’s Day disappearing photo scoop.
2014-02-11_agewomensdayThe other once serious Fairfax paper The Sydney Morning Herald is also doing its bit of filling out its news space with news about other people’s news space.
2014-02-11_smhon72014-02-11_kochiewilllbewrong(If you missed he Kochie comment the Owl recorded it HERE and I wonder, just in passing, if Mike will help Schapelle find God? We’ll probably read about that somewhere tomorrow).2014-02-11_commentonpayments
And good to see the national broadcaster leading its website tonight with a really important story for a change.
2014-02-11_abcandcorbystoriesAfter apparently been outbid for the main event interview with the released convicted drug smuggler, the Nine Network went in for a little spoiling of its own with this effort:

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