Saturday, 8 February 2014

Journalists writing and talking about each other: the Oz on the ABC

I think I’ll make it a new series – journalists writing and talking about each other. And to kick things off what better than a retrospective of recent offerings from The Australian
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And here is a little bit of detail from this morning’s effort:
TONY Abbott faces a push from within his cabinet to call a wideranging inquiry into the ABC’s editorial standards, after his Defence Minister launched an extraordinary attack on the broadcaster for airing unsubstantiated claims that navy personnel physically abused asylum-seekers.
Venting his anger, David Johnston accused the ABC yesterday of having ‘‘maliciously maligned’’ the navy and said he was dissatisfied with ‘‘weasel words of apology’’ from senior management.
The minister’s comments — which follow allegations aired on the ABC’s flagship radio current affairs program AM on January 22 that some passengers were ‘‘forced by the navy to hold on to hot metal’’ on board an asylumseeker boat, causing severe burns and blisters — reflect widespread sentiment in the Abbott government that the ABC’s news and current affairs coverage has a leftwing bias against Coalition policy, and should be reined in.
So much for the page one treatment of the ABC. The detailed analysis is left to the special Media section published every Monday. No surprise to regular readers – yes, I confess to being one – that there was plenty of it.
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