Wednesday, 26 February 2014

For the Daily Telegraph “prick” must be a new dirty word

2014-02-26_singosprayAlmost a new category – journalists writing about proprietors slanging off at proprietors. The Daily Terror this morning:
IT would have to go down as the spray of the year: Sydney radio tsar John Singleton unleashed yesterday on his onetime would-be business partners at Fairfax Media, calling its chairman a “pompous pr..k” and the CEO an “idiot”…
SINGLETON ON CORBETT – “He’s only got a year to go and then he can be president of the Avoca bowling club or Rotary or something, some self-important, pompous, puffed up job for him.”
SINGLETON ON HYWOOD – “(He is) obviously an idiot.”
FAIRFAX ON SINGLETON – “Anyone who had the misfortune of hearing John Singleton’s deluded and self-indulgent sprays … can only feel sorry for the man.”
And in passing we should note the latest example of hostilities between the Tele’s senior stablemate The Australian and the ABC which made page one again today.
Don’t you just love it when an organ of the Murdoch press takes up the cudgels for ethical journalism?
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