Wednesday, 5 February 2014

European newspaper front pages Wednesday 5 February

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EU-Parlament zeigt Härte gegen Zinsmanipulationen – EU Parliament shows toughness against interest rate manipulations
Strasbourg – the European Parliament adopted an EU directive on criminal sanctions for insider trading and market manipulation in the financial sector on Tuesday in Strasbourg. It provides for the Member States of the Union from 2016 in national criminal law to provide relatively high penalties for relevant offences. Deliberate manipulation of market prices, as it gave them such as the LIBOR scandal by half a dozen European banks, would threaten prison with at least four years.
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Der da oben, die da unten – The upstairs, the downstairs
Tax fraud is a criminal offence, which undermines confidence in the rule of law and threatens the cohesion of our society. So it stood in the election program of the SPD for 2013, which was decided at a time when Klaus Wowereit of still Deputy Party Chairman was. A fair tax policy and distribution of wealth has always been a core part of social democratic thought. That has figured out a leading SPD man, who comes from small ratios, silently revealed the fraud of a major Advisor and personal friend, this is a serious case of sin for the comrades.
The Berlin SPD leadership could therefore not otherwise act as to urge the, André Schmitz Secretary of State for culture to resign as quickly as possible. Especially since the ruling Mayor was not ready to give up its attitude of refusal, but hiding in the skiing behind a high snowdrift. In the off chance that the storm of media outrage will subside after a few days. A gross misjudgment. Many years, Wowereit has believed to be able to take advantage of his own party as sometimes bulky, but ultimately obedient Assistant for the lonely governance in Berlin. Now the tide turns, as the boss of the Red Town Hall overused the patience and ability to suffer his capital of SPD.
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