Saturday, 1 February 2014

European newspaper front pages Saturday 1 February

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Ukrainische Armee droht mit Eingreifen – Ukrainian army threatens to intervene
Kiev/Vienna – the Ukrainian military has warned of an escalation in the country on Friday and hinted at a possible intervention. Meanwhile, President Wiktor Janukowitsch signed the controversial amnesty law. Meanwhile, the opposition has raised new torture accusations against the Government.
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Le grand retour de l’Amérique – The comeback of America
America is back. The growth of the United States reached 3.2% annual rate in the last quarter of 2013. The strong rebound of the first economy in the world is therefore confirms. On the year, the growth was 1.9%, but it accelerated sharply in the second half.
The political crisis of the fall, which has led to the closure of federal services (“shutdown”), has had an impact limited to the public sphere. The economy was boosted by consumption and investment, while the trade deficit is strongly reduced.
From San Francisco to New York, high technologies are booming. Thus, the California firm Google saw its turnover and profits increase by 20% last year. Amazon, the American giant of online commerce, resumed with the profits end of 2013, after two quarters in the red. In New York, Silicon Alley has become an unavoidable pole of high-tech: a thousand start-up settled for five years in this space of one square kilometer.
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