Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Editors editorialising about editors

A variation this morning on the journalists writing about journalists theme that we keep intermittent track of in this blog. Now we have an editor taking to an editorial to castigate one of his peers who was once editor of his own paper.
19-02-2014 discredit
It really is a lot of fun – especially this reference in The Australian’s editorial to the Financial Review’sMichael Stutchbury for publishing an article by Neil Chenoweth suggesting there was something wrong with an $882 million tax refund paid to the Murdoch controlled 21st Century Fox:
Stutchbury, who was considered incompetent by staff of this newspaper before his removal as editor, and his senior editors should be held to account for publishing Chenoweth’s blatantly dishonest reporting. It does the AFR no credit when routine business events are dressed up as criminal conspiracies.
One thing the Oz’s editorial did not comment on was the competence of the editor-in-chief who had once made Stutchbury editor.
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