Tuesday, 14 January 2014

What the European papers say – front pages for Tuesday 14 January

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Les trois leçons du « printemps arabe » -The three lessons of the “Arab spring”
An attempt to render these three years in their complexity, Le Monde published today a long investigation on the State of the opposing forces. It calls at least three reflections. The first is the need not to judge too quickly… The second is to do not maintain an illusion on the ability of the Westerners to influence events. It is limited. It’s not Barack Obama, who “dropped” Hosni Mubarak; These are the Egyptian military, for reasons which belong to them… The truth is that the Arab people are masters of their own destiny. It is that it is the third consideration – prisoner of a religious war as Europe has known in the 16th and 17TH centuries. This war within islam intersects the ambitions of two regional powers, Saudi Arabia and the Iran. It is favored by the collapse of the old order. It is mostly the consequence of the lack of local political forces powerful, carrier of the spirit of reform and tolerance. For the time being.
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Privatizacija HŽ Carga na krivom kolosijeku – Privatisation of Railways Cargo on the wrong track
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