Friday, 3 January 2014

Then and now: A Look at how Australia’s connected consumers have changed

Nielsen has just published an interesting insight into how the internet has changed the way in which Australians get news and other information. Compared with 10 years ago, says Nielsen, it’s as if we’re looking at an entirely different industry playing field today.
In 2003, for example, almost three-quarters (73%) of Australians aged 16+ spent an average 6.7 hours per week online. While the percentage of the population that is online has increased to four-in-five (82%), the amount of time people now spend online has skyrocketed. Today, Australian consumers are engaging with digital media for a whopping 23.3 hours per week. That’s more than three working days per week!
To support the increase in online content consumption, marketers have slowly shifted their marketing dollars toward this medium. Today, online advertising sees 27% of the total ad spend pie—up eight-fold from 3% in 2003.
Access to content is a big reason for the 10-year growth. Consumers today have more ways to connect and consume online content than ever before. More than one third of online Australians today own connected devices that didn’t even exist 10 years ago: tablets, smartphones and smart TVs. And what’s even more impressive is just how much connectivity they have. Our 2013 Australian Connected Consumers report found that 38% of Australian households have four or more connected devices in the one home.
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