Monday, 20 January 2014

The Queen hands over the reigns and other European newspaper front pages for Monday 20 January

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 Schlimmer als Afghanistan – Worse than Afghanistan
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You are starving. Do you suffer from. You flee. Every day, every hour, every minute, non-stop. And they die. More than 130 000 Syrians should have al Assad since the beginning of the uprising against Bashar almost three years ago to life. A frightening, however abstract number. Because she can not nearly capture distress and misery of the people. Even seasoned war reporters are appalled by the brutality of the fighting. And the United Nations have apparently surrendered before the horror: the world Organization no longer even trying to count the victims. That sounds like: why bother? Makes no sense anyway.

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Le pétrole bientôt à moitié prix ? – Oil soon at half price?
World production of non-conventional hydrocarbons such as gas and oil from shale could depress the price of a barrel of crude by 2017.
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