Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Sydney’s tabloid toughness contest – Front pages for Wednesday 15 January

The battle between the two Sydney tabloids to be the toughest on king-hit bashers continued this morning.
The Daily Terror’s front page was in to the Premier for not treating the problem seriously enough:
15-01-2014 sydneytele
15-01-2014 ofarrell
The once serious Sydney Morning Herald had a similar approach.
15-01-2014 sma

The Premier was making “unbelievably stupid”comments
15-01-2014 smhcontent
While inside the paper’s political writer attacked him for being on holiday and saying nothing at all.
15-01-2014 nicholls
15-01-2014 australian
15-01-2014 age
15-01-2014 townsville15-01-2014 cairns
15-01-2014 advertiser
15-01-2014 gc
15-01-2014 mercury
15-01-2014 ntnews
15-01-2014 cm
15-01-2014 hs
15-01-2014 geelong

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