Monday, 27 January 2014

Spam is the stuff that gifts are made of and other American newspaper front pages Monday 27 January

2014-01-27_chictrib He was selling vegetables in Yemen at age 16 when he first embraced jihad, rising quickly in al-Qaida and eventually being tapped for a Sept. 11, 2001, suicide operation in Asia that was scrapped in favor of the airplane attacks in New York and at the Pentagon, according to U.S. intelligence records. He served as a trusted bodyguard for Osama bin Laden, and his sister became the leader’s fourth wife. But the militant’s career came to an end 12 years ago when he was captured near the mountains of Tora Bora by Pakistani forces and sent to the U.S. prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, becoming another nameless, faceless “high-risk” terrorism suspect with little hope of release. On Tuesday, the man identified by U.S. officials as Abd al-Malak Abd al-Wahab al-Rahbi will get his first shot at freedom under a long-delayed review process designed to help empty the military prison  Al-Rahbi will become the first Guantanamo detainee to receive a partially public hearing to determine whether his status as an enemy combatant should be changed, making him eligible for release. The program was unveiled two years ago by President Barack Obama, who continues to face pressure to make good on a campaign promise to close the prison.

Manifestante é baleado pela PM em Higienópolis – Protester is shot by PM in Higienópolis
Fabrício student 22 years, was shot in the chest and groin, in Higienópolis (Center), during yesterday’s protest against the World Cup. According to the PM, keys resisted arrest and assaulted officers before he was shot. Witnesses, however, say that the boy was shot three times after being rendered. He was operated on and is in a coma. The Governor Geraldo Alckmin defended the action of the PM at the protest, which left a trail of destruction in the Center: “Police averted a tragedy”.

In South Korea, Spam Is the Stuff Gifts Are Made Of
As the Lunar New Year holiday approaches, Seoul’s increasingly well-heeled residents are scouring store shelves for tastefully wrapped boxes of culinary specialties. Among their favorite choices: imported wines, choice cuts of beef, rare herbal teas. And Spam.
Yes, Spam. In the United States, the gelatinous meat product in the familiar blue and yellow cans has held a place as thrifty pantry staple, culinary joke and kitschy fare for hipsters without ever losing its low-rent reputation. But in economically vibrant South Korea, the pink bricks of pork shoulder and ham have taken on a bit of glamour as they have worked their way into people’s affections.
“Here, Spam is a classy gift you can give to people you care about during the holiday,” said Im So-ra, a saleswoman at the high-end Lotte Department Store in downtown Seoul who proudly displayed stylish boxes with cans of Spam nestled inside.
Cristina, con Fidel y dilma y un ojo en la crisis – Cristina, with Fidel and dilma and an eye on the crisis
In Havana she had lunch with the Cuban leader; requested the meeting with Rousseff
Havana (Special Envoy).-Attentive to news that arrived from the Argentina and with strong expectation by the reaction that will have the markets today, President Cristina Kirchner met yesterday with the Cuban leader Fidel Castro, who received it with a lunch in the Jaimanitas district. The meeting he attended with his daughter Florence, was family run and conversados topics were kept in a strict reserve. Most public was meeting in the afternoon with the President of Brazil, Dilma Rousseff, at hotel Melian. The meeting was requested by Cristina Kirchner and his Brazilian colleague agreed immediately. They talked about the shocks by the devaluation of the Argentine peso and both warned on “speculative movements” against emerging countries. Cristina Kirchner arrived in Havana to participate in the Summit of the community of Latin American and Caribbean (Celac) and today could meet with other Presidents in the region. LA HABANA.-Finally, the agenda was. After the mystery printed her Government to the advancement of the Cristina Kirchner’s trip to this island, the surprise that both spoke at the delegation arrived and, as expected, was a meeting with Fidel Castro. ”They invited me to lunch,” was the terse statement that was heard from the President when the press waited it out of the hotel Nacional, where staying. I wanted to tell it because before you put one foot in the car, turned, turning on itself and the distance launched the sentence to make it clear that it was not just one more picture, but a meeting of “friends”.
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