Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Political sex and other European newspaper front pages for Tuesday 21 January

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Réorganisation territoriale : les voeux pieux du président – Territorial reorganization: the wishful thinking of the president
Of all advertised sites, on 14 January, by the president of the Republic, the simplification of the french “territorial Yarrow” is, at once, the more agreed and the most unlikely. François Hollande is not the first, indeed, to “put an end to the clutter and duplicates” of powers and prerogatives between municipalities, communes Department, departments and regions. It is not the first to consider the reduction of the number of regions or the redefinition of the role of the departments, to pool resources and each other and cut in public spending.
Already Jacques Chirac complained – but not touching – the stacking of our administrative structures, this incredible mosaic of institutions and powers: since 40 years, 100 Napoleonic departments (involving 4,000 cantons) and the 36,700 municipalities, have been added 22 metropolitan regions and some 2,600 intercommunal groups own taxation.
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