Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Industrial killing in Syria and other front pages of European newspapers for Wednesday 22 January

22-01-2014 dert
„Industrielles Töten in Syrien“ – “Industrial killing in Syria”
Expert report documented systematic torture / human rights activists call West to intervene
Immediately prior to the peace conference for Syria an expert report on serious human rights violations has reduced the prospects for success of the meeting further Berlin -. In the report Assad accused by Bashar al the regime imprisoned thousands and systematically to have tortured and tormented to death. Especially the controversy over the participation of Iran had charged the complicated talks before.
The investigation, created by three renowned criminal lawyers, is based on the evaluation of 55 000 pictures. These shots, a former photographer for the military police to have made and before he fled the opposition provided. See emaciated bodies of prisoners who have massive signs of torture to the part. Some of the detainees had apparently been strangled, they killed others by shocks, according to the report. One of the authors, Desmond de Silva, former Chief Prosecutor in the war crimes Tribunal for Sierra Leone, said: the images documented a “industrial killing”. The experts made their investigation on behalf of a well-known London law firm, which represents Qatar also. His Government is one of Assad’s harshest critics.

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22-01-2014 lemonde
Politiques, Europe, institutions : la grande défiance des Français – Policies, Europe, institutions: the great mistrust of the French
Made from 8 to January 14, day of the François Holland press conference, by Internet with a sample of 1,005 people, this book poll once again a reflection entering the State of mind of a country where mistrust and pessimism held the top of the keypad; a very country mostly fearful, convinced of its decline, strongly tempted by the rejection of others and its corollary, the self-absorption.
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