Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Gay marriage and Rolf Harris make the front pages – What the Asian & European papers say Wednesday 15 January

15-01-2014 elemonde
Mariage gay : la révolution tranquille – Gay marriage: the quiet revolution
Without waves, gay marriage is installed in the french landscape. While the adoption of the law on marriage for all, in 2013, was marked by heated debates and giant demonstrations, its entry into force is made in a paradoxical calm. According to Insee figures, made public Tuesday, January 14, 7 000 unions were celebrated in 2013. in nearly 3,000 municipalities, without any ceremony was disrupted by opponents. Gay marriages accounted for about 3% of the unions of the year. Which is high, if reported to the 1% of couples of the same sex among couples in general. These figures fit into the average of European countries, as the Spain or the Netherlands (2% of the unions) and Belgium (5%).
PS - pardon the French. I have to rely on Google translate

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