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Le président, le pape et le grand malaise des catholiques – The president, the Pope and the great discomfort of Catholics
For his first meeting with the Pope, president, criticized on ethical issues, addressed a message of openness to Catholics
A handshake – cold at first, warm at the end of the meeting between François and François Hollande, Pope Friday, January 24 at the Vatican – will not be enough to erase the discomfort of a portion of french Catholics. Relations between the Holy See and the French Republic were never a long quiet river. But the litigation has increased with the election of M. Holland.
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Weitere Todesfälle auf Baustellen der WM2022 – More deaths on construction sites of World Cup 2022
The FußballWeltverband FIFA has asked after the announcement further deaths at World Cup construction sites in Qatar by the hosts of the World Cup 2022 better working conditions. ‘In Qatar quickly and permanently consistently fair working conditions must be introduced, on a sustainable basis’, announced by FIFA on Saturday and reacting to a report by the British newspaper ‘the guardian’. The journal reported that during the construction of facilities for the World Cup in eight years in Qatar significantly more workers killed had been previously known as.
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