Monday, 27 January 2014

European newspaper front pages for Monday 27 January

Auf nach Kiew – On to Kiev
Puzzle about puzzles: Ukraine’s opposition to the goal seems admirable weeklong protests in cold and snow. The besieged Moscow-loyal President Janukowitsch offers her the takeover of the Government. But she throws away her victory, rejects the offer. Why?
The Ukraine is nähergerückt us close and remained third. For the second time after the “orange” revolution ten years ago, risking tens of thousands of lives and health, oppose brutal militias in Kiev, Poltava and Winizja, request their chance for freedom, democracy and prosperity. Many in the West comes from the momentum of the European demonstrations. But now since the opposition fails power-sharing and risk a civil war, the fear, is growing. Molotov cocktails at police officers and burning barricades fit poorly to the dream of an inclusive Europe. Threatening since a European Syria right at our doorstep?
Up close look at the three opposition leaders not irrational. They have no confidence that the regime is serious about the power-sharing. You also have no confidence in the durability of their three federal. The pressure from above (regime) and down (the road) it holds together. If successful, they will compete soon the power. Wirddann Vitali Klitschko, who is regarded as a clean, but inexperienced in Ukrainian-Russian power intrigues, the movement is lead? Or the cautious Taktierer ARSENI Yatsenyuk from the party of imprisoned ex – figurehead Julia Timoschenko? Or nationalist Oleg Tjagnibok? They suspect that Yanukovych slightly against each other play them, if they sit in the Government partly continue the protests. Klitschko speaks of a “poisoned” offer.
They also fear losing control over the road if they settle victory with a half. The dodges, with where the regime prevented the EU approach to Russian pressure, brought the people on the street. With the torture of dissidents and the fatal shooting on protesters, it has driven more people on the side of the opposition. Now, whose leaders demand new elections so that reflected the new balance of power in Parliament and President.
2014-01-27_standardAustria: Opposition fordert Neuwahl, EU-Parlament erwägt Sanktionen – Opposition calls for new elections, Parliament is considering sanctions
Kiev/Berlin – intensified appeals from the EU, to resolve the conflict peacefully given unchanged hard fronts between the opposition and Government in the Ukraine on Sunday. The President of the European Parliament, Martin Schulz, spoke out on the edge of the SPD Party Congress in Berlin to give stronger pressure on the parties to the conflict and attracted massive sanctions into consideration. “We will exert every possible pressure on both sides, to the attempt, to respond in dialogue, not violence”, said Schulz.
German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier expressed a similar. Even Pope Franziskus called for an immediate end to the violence in the Ukraine.
There, the opposition rejected the offer by President Wiktor Janukowitsch, to enter into the Government, and insisted on new elections. The protests widened from Kiev to the West of the country. Several town halls were occupied.
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