Thursday, 23 January 2014

Deadly riots in Kiev and other European front pages Thursday 23 January

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From Russia’s Komersant – Украина ищет выход из Киева – Ukraine is looking for a way out of Kiev
Violent confrontation is pushing power and opposition to the Treaty
After several days of fighting in the streets of Kiev in Ukraine has a chance to avoid a relapse into civil war. A turning point in the Ukrainian opposition may become yesterday’s meeting of President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych with leaders of the opposition, the first meeting of this kind for all time crisis. The saving option is outlined a compromise: extraordinary session of Verkhovna Rada and suspension have joined today by virtue of laws, which the opposition described as dictatorial and that have led to armed clashes.
Yesterday’s meeting of Viktor Yanukovich with the opposition troika is party leader BEAT Vitali Klitschko, the head of the faction “Homeland” by Arseniy Yatsenyuk and leader of nationalist “freedom” by Oleg Tâgnybokom even the day before was almost unthinkable. On the eve of the President of Ukraine was ready to talk with opposition leaders is that their assistants. Yesterday a meeting not just took place — it lasted more than three hours.
The negotiators did not give details, but the leaders of the opposition, leaving the President’s administration, only threw on the run, that all the information will be unveiled at the National Popular Assembly. However, the key is not even the content of the meeting, and its a fact. In fact, the first such contact between the Ukrainian authorities and the opposition, not only during the current crisis, but also for all the years. And it seems not because both parties suddenly saw the light and realized the harmfulness of further confrontation — rather, they understand the danger of this confrontation.
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Catherine Samba-Panza, l’espoir de la Centrafrique – Catherine Samba-Panza, the hope of the Central African Republic
A woman comes to access to the Presidency of the Central African Republic. And strong desire to believe that this change in Bangui is good news. Promising profile of Catherine Samba-Panza, age 59, is to heal the wounds of a country torn by its identity divisions.
Connection measured but firm, clear mind, commitment against corruption: many elements argue in its favour. Its origins also. Born in Chad to Cameroon father and Central African mother, this lawyer installed in Central Africa at age 18. The new President is Christian but spoke Arabic, which could be a great help to extinguish the xenophobic fire ravaging the country.
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