Saturday, 25 January 2014

American newspaper front pages Saturday 25 January

Argentina facilita compra de dólar após moeda subir - Argentina eases buying dollar after currency rise
Faced with the strong devaluation of the peso against the dollar, the Government of Argentina announced that citizens of the country can again acquire the u.s. currency for investment. Acompra dollars for application was banned since 2012... In Davos, President Dilma said he was "very attentive" to the Argentine situation, but claimed not to believe that the crisis has "very significant consequences for Brazil".
El Gobierno afloja el cepo, pero el dólar no cede y aumenta la incertidumbre - The Government loosen the clamping device, but the dollar does not yield and increases uncertainty
From day after tomorrow individuals may, prior authorisation of the AFIP, buy foreign currency for savings; they went back down to 20% surcharge to purchases with the card abroad; the station remained at $8 the official dollar and the parallel was sold to $11,
A day after the value of the dollar on the parallel market exceeds $13 and the official exchange rate recorded its largest increase in more than one decade, the Government surprised the market by announcing that, from day after tomorrow, it will raise partially foreign exchange stocks for individuals who want to buy foreign currency for hoarding.

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