Wednesday, 22 January 2014

A gay verdict and other American newspaper front pages for Wednesday 22 January

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New York Times BEIRUT, Lebanon — Emaciated corpses lie in the sand, their ribs protruding over sunken bellies, their thighs as thin as wrists. Several show signs of strangulation. The images conjure memories of some of history’s worst atrocities.
Numbers inscribed on more than 11,000 bodies in 55,000 photographs said to emerge from the secret jails of Syria’s president, Bashar al-Assad, suggest that torture, starvation and execution are widespread and even systematic, each case logged with bureaucratic detail.
This collection of images was identified as having been part of a voluminous archive of torture and execution maintained by the Syrian government and smuggled out by a police photographer who defected and was given the code name Caesar.
So far, only a few photographs have actually been released by lawyers commissioned by the Qatari government, an avowed opponent of Mr. Assad, and the claims about their origins could not be independently verified.
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Argentina – Sombrías expectativas sobre los negocios en la Argentina - Bleak expectations on the Argentina business – “Times are changing. Once the Argentina was shown as a success story in the World Economic Forum, which every year takes place in the Swiss city of Davos. Yesterday, when presented with the traditional survey collecting 1344 view CEO’s around the world, the Argentina was one of the worst qualified in areas like climate of business, expectations, confidence and quality of institutions. Numbers sample which produces every year the consulting firm PricewaterhouseCoopers are eloquent: just one of every 10 CEO of companies who are in the country said to be very confident on revenues of your firm in the short term; 12% said “not trusted”. The latter figure fell compared to the year earlier (had been 26%). The perception of the business in the country is far from the average. Russia tops expectations table (53%), followed by Mexico (51%) and Korea of the South (50%). Brazil was above the average (39%), with 42 per cent of positive evaluation. Among the worst-rated are Venezuela (25%), Spain (23%), France (22%) and Argentina, with a 10% lean.
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Guatemala: Banguat pronostica bonanza para 2014 - Banguat predicts bonanza by 2014 – The President of the Bank of Guatemala (Banguat), Edgar Barquín, told entrepreneurs that good economic prospects registered in 2013 with a growth of 4.3% will continue this year, and he is expected to be 3.3% 3.9%.
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