Sunday, 22 December 2013

Choosing your barrister and your PR

The wonderful world of litigation continues to fascinate me so I was intrigued by this reference in London’s Sunday Telegraph to some of the sideshow shenanigans surrounding the recent London case of Nigella Lawson, Charles Saatchi and their former servants accused of fraud:
2013-12-22_saatchilegalprThere it was in black and white, the role that PR spinners now play in trying to get favourable coverage for their clients in the reporting of court cases.
It reminded me of my only sortie into this field many years ago when John Elliott, then of Elders and Fosters brewery fame, was facing some kind of charge or whatever after falling a little from financial grace and I offered, and he accepted, my services to him on a success fee only basis only to find the case quickly thrown out before I had any chance to spin my brilliance. That confirmed my suspicion of the whole judicial system but he did buy me a very fine lunch.
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