Thursday, 21 November 2013

Sharing the cost of climate change – some charts showing why Warsaw talks are stalled

Little progress, it seems, between nations meeting in Warsaw about who is responsible for the carbon dioxide emissions responsible for global warming and even less about which countries should be paying and doing what to stop things getting worse.
A just released series of charts prepared by the Global Carbon Project help explain why.
That relying on the developed world to take action is no longer enough is shown by the latest figures on who the biggest emitters now are.
Even when looked at in per capita terms the growing role of countries like China and India is clear.
Emissions from countries that signed up to the Kyoto protocols (Annex B countries in the following chart) have actually slightly declined.
Developing countries at the conferences organised by the United Nations have always argued that the developed world was responsible for most of the current CO2 levels but that argument is getting less convincing to developed nations as the years go by.
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