Thursday, 21 November 2013

Doorknobs banned due to safety and accessibility concerns

This is a serious story.
The Canadian city of Vancouver has banned doorknobs.
If you think I’m joking then have a look at today’s National Post.
2013-11-21_doorknobsFrom March next year all new single family houses and town homes built in the city must have handle levers instead of the traditional round door openers.
The doorknob prohibition comes as part of an amendment package to the city’s Building By-law, legislation which the city claims is already “unique in the Province and also unusual in the rest of Canada.” If not the entire world.
The National Post reports:
Like a lot of initiatives put to council, the latest cluster of Building By-law amendments “went through very quietly” says Vancouver councillor Geoff Meggs, the mayor’s close ally. There is no hidden agenda, he insists. The by-law amendments aren’t reflective of some “lunatic interventionist” strategy or “red tape run amok,” he says.
“This is all about [enhancing] accessibility, and it’s something we’re going to keep doing. I’m not going to apologize for that,” says Mr. Meggs.
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