Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Election diary Tuesday 9 July 2013

Better than a funny hat. It was back to the factory grind for Opposition Leader Tony Abbott and at least he was able to wear a peaked cap instead of the normal silly looking safety net as he pretended to be a pie man. 

Ah the things politicians have to do for their photo opportunities in the hope someone will record and report their views on the help a Coalition would be to small business.
There was no such luck for Tony. The days of nagging on social media sites about the need for an explanation of wrongly claimed expenses that had to be repaid dominated the questioning. That issue is unlikely to do Tony Abbott any great harm but the Newspoll this morning suggested he badly needs an image improvement rather than spending his time fobbing off criticism.

A Howard revival. Exactly what image a track suited Kevin Rudd is trying to portray with his early morning walks is clear enough. He might not be able to bring himself to totally adopt the boat people policies of the man he beat in 2007, but looking as much like John Howard as possible is clearly the go.

Another polling improvement. The gain was not as dramatic as recorded by Morgan but Newspoll showed further improvement for the Rudd led Labor. The two party preferred of 50:50 is right back in hung parliament territory.

And the punters are really starting to hedge their bets although the Coalition is still the pronounced favourite on our market based election indicator.

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