Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Election diary - Tuesday 2 July - A thinking day: What the hell do we do now?

A quieter day on the market. No opinion polls of substance today to send the punters reacting with just a slight trend back to the Liberal-National coalition on our indicator.

And in this morning's papers. The tumult and the shouting has largely died as far as the tabloids are concerned. Most have moved on to real news for a change.

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Practicing what he preached. For the government it was a day of private talking with Kevin Rudd doing what he promised would be his new style and holding a Cabinet meeting. Out of it will come announcements over the next few days designed to put a new spin on what Labor now stands for.

Same old, same old. That nothing really has changed is evident from the way the pre-selections to replace the retired and retiring ministers from the Gillard ministry are shaping up. It looks once again that if you are not a recent ministerial staff member or a trade union official you will not get a Labor Party endorsement.

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