Thursday, 4 July 2013

Election diary Thursday 4 July 2013

The Labor drift goes on.

Some necessary window dressing. It is quite understandable that Kevin Rudd wants to be seen doing something about the New South Wales branch of his Labor Party. A series of enquiries by the Independent Commission Against Corruption have so badly tarnished the brand that supposedly safe seats with majorities of 10% and more are now at risk. Hence the decision to put the federal executive in charge for a month to implement what are called “a series of anti-corruption reforms”.
It is a wonderful example of the political spinner’s art. Kevin the tough little nerd you can love and trust taking on those nasty faceless factional heavies. One strike and you’re out when it comes to anything resembling corruption. A ban on property developers. Things will be different from now on.
Or at least Labor will pretend they will be. The problems of the Labor Party are not unique to NSW with the first and fundamental change that is needed being to reduce the power of the trade union barons who largely select those federal executive members supposed to do the reforming. Are they likely to insist on changes that give rank-and-file members a greater say in Sussex Street? Not likely when that would set a precedent for undoing their power back in their own home states.
What we will see over the next month is nothing more than political show business. The real reforms will have to wait until after the election.
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