Saturday, 29 June 2013

Election diary Saturday 29 June - Happy families with a touch of footy

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Not covering it like a horse race. There's no way Melbourne's Herald Sun is going to be accused of that. No. This election business is far more important than that.
That's right. It's as important as Aussie rules football. And Prime Minister Kevin Rudd well knows it. For the Hun's family photo he hugged a Sherrin along with his grand daughter.

Rudd shows his sense of humour. I cannot believe that any journalist has taken seriously the idea that Kevin Rudd is considering taking Tony Abbott with him to the G20 conference of world leaders in October. The idea that the Australian election will not be held until after the Moscow talk-fest is just ridiculous.

And down goes another one. The retirements keep coming from the ranks of Labor Party ministers. This time it's Greg Combet announcing that he will not be contesting his seat of Charlton. What is it they say about sinking ships?

Sticking to his guns. Kevin Rudd is rightly sticking to his guns in pointing out the absurdity of the Coalition's turn-back-the-boats policy.

Bringing back John Howard. The Victorian Liberal Party brought out John Howard for the launch of its federal campaign today. An odd choice to have a loser in the prime position which says something about what the tacticians think of Tony bbott's populArity.
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