Saturday, 23 March 2013

Echoes of Kevin Rudd reach the UK

For any Australian feeling leadership withdrawal symptoms, relief is at hand. Just transfer attention to the mother country.

Boris Johnson: I'd love to be Prime Minister if the public called me to serve - Telegraph:

"Boris Johnson has declared he "wouldn't say no" to being Prime Minister if he were urged to help rescue the country like the Roman leader Cincinnatus."
The Mayor of London gave yet another strong sign that he has leadership ambitions, telling school children that he would be happy to run the country if called upon in a crisis.
He compared himself to the Cincinnatus, who was asked to lead Rome after an invasion even though he was living simply as a farmer at the time.
Asked whether he would like to be Prime Minister, Mr Johnson said: "If, like the Roman leader Cincinnatus, I were to be called from my plough to serve in that office I wouldn't, of course, say no."
He went on to repeat his familiar denial that the chances of actually becoming prime minister are "about as good as my being reincarnated as an olive".
However, he added: "If people genuinely wanted me, of course I would want to do it."

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