Thursday, 21 February 2013

Another promise down the gurgler - no Canberra pokies trial of pre-commitment by players

They just keep coming and every failure to deliver reinforces Prime Minister Julia Gillard's biggest negzative - she doesn't keep her promises.
From the SMH website:
Pokies ACT precommitment trial sunk:
"An ACT trial of precommitment technology for poker machines is dead and has been an expensive "thought bubble", the federal opposition says. The Canberra pokies trial appears sunk after Canberra clubs on Thursday voted against participating in the trial until after the federal election. Clubs ACT boss Jeff House said 23 of the organisation's members unanimously agreed not to start the trial until after the September 14 poll date. The coalition, which doesn't support mandatory precommitment measures for pokies, is likely to dump the trial if it wins government."

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