Saturday, 19 January 2013

Figuring How To Pay For (Chimp) Retirement

Figuring How To Pay For (Chimp) Retirement : NPR:

"Next week, the National Institutes of Health will get some long-awaited advice from a working group that has been studying what the agency should do with its current research chimps. That group may recommend retiring a lot more chimps. If so, finding them new homes in sanctuaries like this one won't be easy. "After the recommendations from our working group, we anticipate there will be a much diminished need for animals in research," says James Anderson, an official with the NIH who has been working to plan for future chimp retirements. "The single biggest issue will be the capacity of the sanctuary system. If we retire many more animals, there's no space." The NIH owns or supports about 670 chimps, he says. About 100 are already officially retired and live at a wooded sanctuary in Louisiana called Chimp Haven, which is the designated facility for retired government chimps. If more chimps are going to be retired soon, it's not clear where they'll go."

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