Saturday, 12 May 2012

The verdict on the Thomson Oakes appearance

Hard to find a Craig Thomson supporter
  1. KateWall28
    Laurie Oaks drilling embattled MP Thompson...this is quality Saturday morning tv! #todayshow #laurieoakes#auspolitics #scandal
  2. thetodayshow
    Here is @LaurieOakes interview with @DobellThommo. It's in two parts
  3. McBen9
    Wot r the chances of hearing or reading Craig Thomson's name without the word "embattled" in front of it anytime soon? #juststopwritingit.
  4. Rob_Stott
    Watching Laurie Oakes just calmly sit there and pick Craig Thomson apart is just magnificent.
  5. Bill Murray
    Craig...'the devil made me do it'....Thomson. I have never cringed as much as I have just done watching Laurie Oakes interviewing Craig Thomson. Can you believe this creature was earning $300 000 pa and still managed, according to a report by a government body (FWA) to use inappropriately $500 000 of money belonging to the lowest paid workers in our society. Some people are so low thay can mage to slither under a snake's belly.
  6. PlayThinkInc
    Craig Thompson hires Hollywood scriptwriter to craft backstory. Storyline includes:alien abduction, amnesia & Timetravel. #auspolitics
  7. Kate_McClymont
    Is Craig Thomson delusional? Here is a guide to his Parallel Universe
  8. thedoctorsaid
    Thanks goodness #Craig_Thomson was set up. I thought for a moment he might have done all those terrible things he's alleged to have done.
  9. steveblizard
    Craig Thomson is unluckiest guy in the world for getting on wrong side of such a brilliant criminal mastermind. #auspol
  10. FatherBob
    Is there a formula of public repentance available for accusers if Craig Thomson is as innocent as he so publicly proclaims?
  11. deefrawley
    How stupid does Craig Thomson think the Australian public are?
  12. mikjeffo
    Craig Thomson is either really stupid, or he thinks we all are.
  13. Zero_SugarCoat
    Anyone wanna see a very bad liar watch Craig Thomson with Lawrie Oakes #ummarhh #itwasn'tme
  14. McDonnellTed
    After watching the Craig Thomson interview three times and reading the transcript I feel the poor bloke has mental issues
  15. TheMattRichards
    Either Craig Thomson has been subject to the most sophisticated stitch up of all time or he has completely lost touch with reality #auspol
  16. misterarto
    Well name the perpetrator and sic the cops on to him - HSU hooker scandal was a set-up - Craig via @sharethis
  17. brisbanite
    If Craig Thomson's theory is accurate then kudos to whoever pulled it off! #auspol
  18. Paul McDougall
    I wuz framed! HSU officials must be incredibly clever to pull this off, and wouldn't be caught removing documents during a police raid (doh, wait that happened).
  19. Kaye Forsyth
    And the tooth fairy is real. Just saying
  20. Moderatesparty
    According to polls so far, 95% of the people don't believe Craig Thomson.
  21. DennisCometti
    The only person feeling more pressure in Canberra than Guy McKenna right now is Craig Thomson. #aflgiantssuns
  22. abcnews
    Abbott says an interview in which Craig Thomson claims he hsa been set up is an alibi for the PM to retain his vote
  23. HillbillySkill
    So,Tory Abbott doesn't believe Craig Thomson's story? And you believe self-confessed liar Tory Abbott because?
  24. JennyPescud
    @TonyAbbottMHR Tony do you and your party ever consider that tragic repercussions may result in your pursuit of Craig Thomson. Suicide????
  25. MayneReport
    Craig Thomson is now blaming Michael Williamson for setting him up. So why is his daughter Alexandra Williamson still a Gillard staffer?