Sunday, 5 February 2012

And a welcome back to The Insiders

  1. And all of us political tragics welcome back The Insiders - with mixed views
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    Great to see Meet the Press and Insiders back for another year
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    I'm disappointed that #insiders was dominated by speculation about a leadership challenge - again. It's a self-fueled media feedback loop.
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    #insiders was pretty meh, bit like a chat show focussed on discussing Neighbours plot
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    Cassidy needs to be removed from #Offsiders and #Insiders. He is so #outoftouch he's #boring
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    I've watched my last #Insiders for 2012. Maximum tedium and press gallery self absorption.
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    @LizzieA01 You're so right. I was very disappointed with Insiders today. Very shallow. #insidebusiness panel was much more interesting.
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    #insiders you are BORING
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    #Insiders today shows what's wrong with political reporting in Aus. Mindless blather over non-existent challenge/spill in Labor.
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    #auspol #Insiders #Gillard Insiders was a waffle about rumors-nothing intelligent there! And all those "stings" as if we didn't know already
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    Sad day for journalism when #Insiders follows lazy herd mentality instead of setting the tone for serious policy analysis. #sameoldsameold
  12. Maybe they're all just made lefties on The Insiders
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    #insiders once again reinforces the perception that 90% media are labor felating scum. #auspol
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    Ah, good old #insiders another panel of leftist useful idiots blindly parroting ALP talking points.
  15. And please let Nikki Savva have more of a say!
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    Shock of the day. Insiders gangs up on one conservative for defending abbott. #auspol
  17. Or maybe we should just have more sport
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    How about less #insiders & more #offsiders until there is something interesting happening in politics
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    I know they carried on about the non-existent leadership challenge for 10 minutes too long, but the real stuff hasn't started yet. #Insiders
  20. I suppose it's natural for the haters to be more vocal than the supporters but there was a special criticism about the absence of any Queensland election comment.
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    Why was there no discussion of Qld election on #insiders and they had @dwabriz on???
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    Insiders all about Gillard leadership - nothing much on Qld election or Clive for that matter
  23. While others were worried about the influence of Kevin
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    Should I watch Insiders or is it so full of Rudd nonsense as to make me throw things at the tv (again)?
  25. Well, not full of it but he did get a mention ortwo
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    Lefties still saying Krudd problem is a beat-up! Deniers! #Insiders #auspol
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    Word is Julia Gillard is worried about a leadership challenge from KRudd. Well, ain't karma a bitch Missy! #AusPolitics
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    Simon Crean wasn't a team leader either. Kevin Rudd is a dud and certainly not a leader either #Insiders.
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    Surely Crean's rebuke of Rudd was planned & intended as a public warning to Rudd, not a personal spotlight on himself for leader? #Insiders
  30. And why not a bit more criticism of the Liberal Party leader?
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    I wish I lived in Tony Abbott land. Money just grows on trees and you get whatever you want just by saying it often enough. #auspolitics
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    If we are going to talk about the dire nature of JG's polling let's talk about Tony's huge disapproval rating. #Insiders #auspol
  33. Instead of all the criticism of poor Treasurer Wayne
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    Swannies performance on #Insiders this morning would have made Comical Ali proud #Auspol
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    Wayne Swan needs to pull his head out of the sand, dead duck PM leading a dead duck government #auspol #insiders
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    @SwannyDPM - "WE demonstrate fiscal discipline" | His comments just get more and more laughable & ridiculous every time he speaks. #Insiders
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    Listening to insiders this morning, why does Wayne Swan answer questions like he was insulted by the point of the question?
  38. Although he does have his admirers
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    Swanny was marvellous on #insiders today. About the only part of the show worth watching.
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    Swannie is on fire and he's doing it without being shouty. #insiders
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    Wayne Swan on the #Insiders this morning sounded like a leader himself. "I love the Labor Party and I love this country." Watch this space.
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    #insiders Good one, Swanny: Opposition will give tax cuts to Palmer & Rinehart but won't commit to disability insurance
  43. And a final verdict
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    Message to the #alp just get it over and done with! voters will boot you out whoever is the PM at the next election #auspol #insiders
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    At least cartoonists are excited about the political year ahead! #insiders

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