Monday, 12 December 2011

Reactions to the Cabinet reshuffle

Staving off silly season boredom for journalists with a Cabinet reshuffle

If we can't have a leadership challenge nor some early election speculation, what could be better than a Cabinet reshuffle?
    Here are the details of the PM’s changes to the #Reshuffle TeamJG
    Julia Gillard has expanded her Cabinet to 22 people #reshuffle
  1. How come Peter Garrett kept his job was the question?
    So there has been a cabinet reshuffle. What I want to know is this: how is Peter Garret still in the cabinet!? #LaborFail #AusPol #Australia
  2. And maybe here's the answer
    Senior sources: PM wanted McClelland & Garrett out of Cabinet, both have refused to go hence expanded Cabinet #reshuffle #auspol
  3. That Tony Abbott agrees with
    Opposition Leader Tony Abbott says the #reshuffle sees biggest Cabinet in Australia's history because the PM couldn't sack anyone.
  4. But not everyone was impressed with Tony's words
  5. All the rote slogans from Libs, they could have used Grahame Morris' line: "It's not a cabinet, it's a walk-in bloody wardrobe!" #reshuffle
  6. But there were "Hoorays" for Australia's first female Attorney General
    Congratulations to Nicola Roxon, to become Australia's first female Attorney-General in PM @JuliaGillard's Cabinet reshuffle today. #gogirl
  7. Oh yeh? Who cares about that?
  8. Cabinet reshuffle....who cares about the first female attorney general. Has anyone questioned whether she is the right person for the job?
  9. Plenty of people I'd say from looking at the tweets
  10. easy to bitch but a positive in todays reshuffle; we now have 5 women on the front bench, thats 22% of the cabinet which is history #auspol
    With five ladies in #cabinet now, they can do a kick arse rendition of the Spice Girls for the Xmas party. #reshuffle
  11. And you can't keep a good lobby group down
  12. Congratulations @Tanya_Plibersek on your appointment to cabinet. The NPS team looks forward to working with you in your new role. #reshuffle
  13. Retailers welcome new ministers in cabinet
  14. Nor an ambitious new Cabinet Minister! Watch me, watch me, please don't miss me!
    Check out my interview on the cabinet reshuffle tonight on the 7:30 Report, ABC
  15. But clearly not everyone was impressed

  16. Putting Bill Shorten in charge of IR is like putting Bob Brown in charge of the environment #reshuffle #auspol
  17. With the program as well as Bill
  18. Watching the #reshuffle coverage on #abc730 reminds me why I want to destroy the entire political class.
  19. Naturally enough the PM had her critics. That office holder always does
    WHY WHY does Julia Gillard have to talk to us so condescendingly? Imagine PJK doing that? NEVER! #abc730 #Auspol #reshuffle
  20. The pigs flying outside - PM says no truth to suspicions Cabinet reshuffle rewards supporters & shores up her
  21. But concerns about real reshuffles continue after this afternoon's humiliation
    If phil Hughes and ricky ponting aren't dropped I'm handing in my Citizenship #reshuffle