Friday, 8 October 2010

Tony's pro-birth control Tory mates

Maybe it's just as well that Tony Abbott only had 15 minutes talking with British Prime Minister David Cameron when they met at the Conservative Party conference. Given the latest example of the British Government's get tough on welfare policies, Australia's good Catholic boy would have one major difference with his Old Dart ally.

The Tories, you see, believe that anyone poor and unemployed should not be having children. As the Daily Mail reports today, Culture Secretary Jeremy Hunt has called on the jobless to take responsibility for their families. It was not the duty of the state, said Mr Hunt, to fund an increasing number of offspring with benefits. His provocative comments came days after Chancellor George Osborne announced that no family should receive more than £500 a week in benefits.
So under this new Conservative regime in Britain the poor can either suffer from starvation or their parents can prevent having them by using birth control or abortion.
I'm sure Tony would not approve.
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