Tuesday, 5 October 2010

The bookie in charge. How appropriate that with Australia gambling on a minority government that we have a bookie in charge. The most revealing insight from last night’s Four Cornersprogram:
SARAH FERGUSON: It’s three days since the election. MP Tony Windsor is on his way to Canberra after overnighting at a modest pub in East Sydney. Today will be his first meeting with the other independents since polling day.
TONY WINDSOR (travelling in car): My role is really about just keeping people calm and not only the people that are in, that are in the card game at the moment, but people outside that are petrified in this situation.
SARAH FERGUSON: You say this is like a card game, are you a good card player?
TONY WINDSOR: Well I used to be at school yeah, I was also a bookmaker at school.
SARAH FERGUSON: So what are the odds?
TONY WINDSOR: Um, the odds of success? Ah I’d say ah three to one on.
I find myself liking the bloke more and more!
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