Tuesday, 5 October 2010

And another reflection on the past.

Those blogging “outers” of today would have had a field day when I was a lad starting out in journalism. Back then in the 1950s virtually every one wrote anonymously. Racing writers might be known as Carbine and as a special form of recognition political writers might have a piece containing a comment or two appear under the by-line “By our political correspondent.”
I well remember the first story of mine that carried my name. It was at the bottom — that’s right — the bottom, not the top — -of a weekly column I wrote for the Tasmanian Advocate that appeared a couple of weeks before a state election. The courageous editor added the words “responsibility for p0litical comment in this article is taken by Richard Farmer of …”
The big difference in those days was that most of the contents of a newspaper were not full of the opinions of the writer but an attempt to explain what happened when, where and how.
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