Thursday, 9 September 2010

What about me?

Lyne MP Rob Oakeshott wasted little time on his return to Port Macquarie to acquaint the Port Macquarie News with the goodies in the bag he brought back from Canberra with him.
9-09-2010 oakeshottdealbreaker
But if you thought everyone in Lyne would be happy with the pork, you would be wrong. One of my regular coastal correspondents sent me a copy of an email to Mr Oakeshott yesterday:
Current Independent Member for Lyne Mr. Oakeshott congratulations on securing a $130 million deal for the electorate of Lyne and in particular the LGA of Port Macquarie ONLY. I note in the above report that NOT one cent will be allocated to either Gloucester or the Greater Taree City Council LGA’s which also fall in to your electorate.
I would welcome your considered, careful and timely response Mr. Oakeshott on why you as the representing MEMBER have failed your ratepayers as I have stated above? Taree Ratepayer.”
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