Thursday, 30 September 2010

Some twittering jokes.

The Irish Times reports that a 41-year-man who drove a concrete truck into the gates of Leinster House, Dublin, overnight has quickly gained plenty of supporters.
The truck, which displayed slogans on its side saying “Toxic Bank Anglo”, “€1,000,000 on golf balls” and “€500K for golf” and with the vehicle registration number changed to “bankrupt” caused little actual damage but the driver was taken to Pearse Street Garda station under section 4 of the Criminal Justice Act 1984 where a garda spokesman said the station had received numerous calls from members of the public with the vast majority offering congratulations and support for the man.
Twitterers were also quickly active.
30-09-2010 cementgate
The Irish Times provided these examples of what it called the Best of ‘Cementgate’ from Twitter:
  • johnfoley: “In what’s seen as concrete move the construction industry cements their relationship with government”
  • colmtobin “Finally, the government have some concrete plans.
  • ConorWilson: “Good to see constructive protest. They’ll be able to build on this”
  • ConorLambert “Maybe Cowen ordered a mixer for the whole cabinet!!”
  • waterychestnut: “So you get arrested if you crash a truck into the Dail but not if you crash the entire economy?”
  • Littlesapling: “Demise of present government now written in (Road)Stone”
  • EleanorFitz: “In the wake of #cementgate Dail rushes to release statement assuring the public that no TDs were plastered.”
  • JODedia: “That’s not what i meant when i said i wanted a mixer to go with me jameson”
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