Thursday, 23 September 2010

A nice test for a new boy

When federal government financing of sport was taken away from the health department  by Julia Gillard and added to Prime Minister and Cabinet it was no doubt considered within the Labor Party to be a fitting perk with which to reward Mark Arbib for services rendered in the overthrow of Kevin Rudd.
With the Commonwealth Games in Delhi now on the brink of being one of sport’s all time great stuff ups, being Sports Minister takes on quite a different complexion.
22-09-2010 markarbib
Minister Arbib now finds himself in the difficult position of saying enough about the dangers of Australians going to the Games to avoid the Australian Government being blamed for not giving people warnings not to go if something does go wrong and the desire not to annoy the government of a potentially great trading partner by saying too much.
It is no easy task and while the new boy has so far handled it well the final political outcome for him is in the hands of Indian construction companies, Delhi’s mosquitoes and Muslim terrorists.
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