Wednesday, 1 September 2010

New South Wales minister Paul McLeay resigns from Parliament

The wowsers have won. Private lives are no longer private. Sneaky newspaper informants have taken over.
Consider this story:

New South Wales minister Paul McLeay resigns from Parliament |
"NEW South Wales Ports and Waterways Minister Paul McLeay has resigned from the frontbench after using a parliamentary computer to visit gambling and adult websites
In a statement released this afternoon, Mr McLeay apologised to his family, the public and his colleagues
'I would like to apologise to the premier, my parliamentary colleagues, my electorate and the people of NSW,' Mr McLeay said
'I apologise to my wife and family
'I understand that as a minister I accept that I am held to a higher standard and that's why I have offered the premier my resignation.'"
Have we got to the point where spies are going to check on what web sites a member of Parliament visits? Today having a bet and a perve are declared dismissal offences. What will be ruled out tomorrow?
Surely the only relevant thing about Paul McLeay is whether or not he was doing a good or bad job as Minister for Ports and Waterways. 
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