Friday, 3 September 2010

How Australia is governed: two pictures tell the story

Two pictures on page one of the Sydney Morning Herald this morning show us a lot about the way Australia is governed.
Up at the top we have Sydney property developer Karl Kazal pictured smiling alongside an equally cheerful NSW Minister for Fair Trading Virginia Judge. The surrounding story gives us some details of how the Kazal family helped pay for the Minister travelling to a junket in Lebanon and for some dealings with the NSW Government about property matters. All very chummy with Federal Labor MP Chris Hayes getting an honourable mention as a Kazal family friend as well for having Julia Gillard at a little funciton where the Kazal's picked up the tab.
Then we move down Granny's page one to the nation's richest man Andrew Forrest sitting down with two of the three independents who will determine who becomes the Federal Government.Another chummy little meeting.
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