Thursday, 2 September 2010

Good news is no news.

I was gently chided in a comment by aCrikey reader overnight for writing yesterday that it didn’t make sense that a government presiding over the best growth rate in the developed world could not win an election and that the salespeople of the Labor government clearly have a lot to answer for.
Not even god could have competed with the tsunami of misreporting and negative opinion through a coordinated anti Labor media with the sycophant ABC in tow,” wrote the correspondent Mack the Knife.
That’s a bit strong, I thought, as I proceeded on to read this morning’s papers. And what did I find for coverage of those excellent GDP figures showing the Australian economy continuing to steadily outperform the developed world without any signs yet of dangerous inflation? Very little actually.
This Australian success story did not rate a mention on the front page of the national daily The Australian, nor in any of the Murdoch tabloids. Perhaps Mack is right!
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