Friday, 3 September 2010

Does my dog look good in this – or just barking?

Fashion writing is finally coming of age. Yesterday afternoon's London Evening Standard:
Hogey in Mulberry’s Fair Isle jumper
Does my dog look good in this – or just barking? | Life & Style: "Four-legged fashion is, contrary to all logic, proving to be recession-proof. The latest Minitel consumer report, released last week, revealed that the market for “little luxuries” such as a dog's evening dress (tails, bow-tie, buttonhole and top hat, �28 from continued to expand this year, with pet-maintenance spending reaching an unprecedented 2.4 billion.
... Daywear and street casual outfits are also booming, with the fashion trend towards vintage clothing represented in the canine world by Bentley B, which makes dogs' T-shirts, each unique, from second-hand T-shirts Slogans on dogs' clothing have also evolved from the obvious — “Hot Dog” etc — to more sophisticated catchphrases, such as “Security” and “Friend of Dorothy”.
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